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Your Life – The Real Easter Egg

This Sunday I attended my local church and the priest told a beautiful story about the “Real Easter Egg”. Let me share some of his thoughts with you:


In life you will go through the most challenging times just before a breakthrough. A large percentage of us give up just before it happens. As a chick when inside the egg shell, his views of the world are limited and dark and it is only when the chick becomes ready and has enough strength and determination that he starts fighting in order to break the shell that has been useful for a period of his life, but no longer suitable for his aspirations.
His dark and small world (egg shell) had to be chattered before he was able to start a new life in a new world, much more vast, with a lot more opportunities.

The chick will learn new skills, behaviours and a will develop a different perspective about life. He will continue to grow, embracing new opportunities, overcoming daily challenges, not once considering going back to a chattered life.

Everything happens for a reason, it is your life, live and learn, never give up, BeLimitLess

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