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BeLimitLess Youth Talent Programme

Student at The University Of Greenwich  Janos Zsiros – Msc in Financial Management

Student at Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisboa – Portugal –  Msc in Engineering & Industrial Management

Student at The University Of Greenwich  Jamal Abdallah – 2nd Year – Mathematics Degree

BeLimitLess Youth Talent Programme

“Bruno has run a number of workshops with our final year undergrads. He is very professional in his approach and highly committed to helping young people develop themselves. In particular Bruno has helped our students in the soft skills of networking and goal-setting. His workshops are engaging, practically useful and fun”.

Dr Patrick McGurk | Principal Lecturer in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour – The University of Greenwich Business School

BeLimitLess Youth Talent Programme
“Bruno Casimiro is an Alumnus of the University of Greenwich, who has been very gracious and willing to offer his time in giving advice and guidance to current students at the University.  Bruno is an extremely friendly person and wants to offer his wealth of experiences and knowledge in helping people to succeed.  His presentations that he has held at the University of Greenwich centre around his experiences within the financial sector and give real life honest examples on how to succeed in the industry and also within any chosen career with his coaching skills.  Having worked at JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley Bruno describes ‘exactly how it is’, within these organisations and how they recruit graduates which has been a real eye opener and helped our students tremendously.  In relation to that he is inundated with students at the end of his presentations wanting to meet him and know more”.

Kevin Rummun | Employer Liaison Coordinator- The University of Greenwich

BeLimitLess In Life
“Without Bruno’s help I would of not been able to achieve my Goal, to have the clarity to understand important actions I had to take. I would of not been able to have enough strength to change and adapt new ways of living, discipline and new ways to find jobs without having Brunos challenging me and supporting me along the way. Bruno motivates me, keeps me focused and makes me believe that everyday I am closer to my objective, I feel more productive and dynamic by having him as my coach”.

Cristina Souto – Jurist – Portugal

BeLimitLess in Business
“Bruno has been an excellent coach and mentor for me for the past two months. His methods are fantastic at helping you find your own answers – guiding you to find your true own belief and self. He helps you see that all things are possible – and to be specific on everything that you wish to achieve. He helps you find the best way to reach those goals in a measurable and realistic manner. I have found parts of his NLP coaching to be particularly helpful at releasing bad patterns and behaviour that are limiting you achieve all that you can. His style is calm and persuasive – with a do-able call to action at the end of each session. So for those that don’t quite like the ‘high octane” style of NLP & coaching, Bruno’s methods are fantastic. His coaching sessions will resonate at a truly deep level, help you rid yourself of your limiting believes and go onto achieve everything you hoped you could”.

Abi Bloom – Owner/Director of The Abigail Bloom Company – London

BeLimitLess In Business
“Being self employed not only do you have to motivate yourself you also have to be self disciplined and self critical. You maybe so used to doing things in a certain way, knowing your areas of development but not creating new ways of working or moving forward especially if your company is stable, I had a session with Bruno more as a health check and to see if there was something I could do better and to re-evaluate my goals. Firstly I was completely surprised how easy it was to discuss all aspects of my business and life with Bruno, especially being a stranger to me. He installed confidence in me to be able to be open and honest due to his listening skills professionalism, the questions he asked and his attention to detail. He highlighted things to me in a way that was supportive and friendly, reminding me of things that I knew but had forgotten to use and new tools and ways to motivate and develop my business moving it forward. I left our meeting with a kick in my step, a new focus and motivated to complete those ever lingering tasks on my to do list!

I would highly recommend Bruno’s services to my clients, friends and especially to people that don’t think they need it as he has a lot to offer even to the most experienced and successful person both on a business and personal level”.

Victoria Norris – Business Owner – London

BeLimitLess In Life
BeLimitLess & Bruno Casimiro helped me see my strengths and realise my potential. I had lost the faith in myself due to work overload and personal matters. I became ill and was on sick leave with stress and had difficulties finding my way back and how I could be a benefit to my employer. During this personal performance process with 6 online meetings with Bruno, he guided me back into seeing things in a more positive way and choosing to make the most out of the situation. Bruno challenged me into seeing things differently and not to make any conclusion without knowing the facts. His guidance has helped me through a tuff period of my life and motivated me to change things. Because only one self can change things and if you don’t believe in yourself, you are no value to others. Things have changed so much for the better because of Bruno and his believes. A deep and heartfelt thanks to Bruno and my biggest recommendation.

Lene Kiel – Project Leader and mother of 2 – Denmark – Copenhagen