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How To Manage Time Poorly

By Krystyna Litwa (Training & Develoment specialist @ Belimitless)

Time is one of the most valuable resources that people have. Mastering time management can help you to become more effective, more efficient and more productive, in overall to have more tasks completed helping you achieve better results, allowing you to dedicate more time for other activities as for example family or yourself.

Unfortunately Time Management is a skill poorly performed by many of us, while we develop many other skills, we tend to pay little attention in how we manage time. Poor time management in a working environment may lead to work overload, missing deadlines, anxiety and stress.

Please find below 7 steps that will help you succeed in developing Poor Time Management:


Step 1 – Do Not Have a To-Do-List – Do not be bothered to create one, this sort of things are just for control freaks right? This will be a great start to allow you to feel overwhelmed since you will realise you have forgotten a lot of tasks you had to complete, but of course, you could not remembered it all. Simply come to work and deal with things as they come. I am sure you will manage, right?

Step 2 – Avoid Prioritizing Your Tasks – Probably every day you face a large number of tasks that are required to be complete, yet your management or clients may continue adding more tasks to such list. To cope with the tasks effectively you will need to master your prioritizing skills, if not, you probably be delaying urgent tasks to be completed and you might be focusing on something with a longer deadline. This might lead to several issues, for example client requests not being dealt with on time thus disappointing your management team, leading to poor performance and a possible redundancy.

Step 3 – Allow All Possible Distractions to Get in the Way – According to statistics, employees can lose as much as 2 hours per day with simple distractions. Could be a chat with a colleague, checking old emails, Internet and the favorite, social media. Whatever it is, imagine how much work could have been done if you had this time back. But do not need to worry about managing distractions, be available for everyone, and do everything else to make sure you will fail to manage your daily requests. If asked to explain why tasks were not completed just use the same old excuse that the business needs more people and that you do not have enough time to complete all your work. It is just too much to deal with, even though you had enough time to chat to everyone.

Step 4 – Procrastinate & Postpone – Keep thinking that tasks are not rabbits, they will not run away, right? It is simple to procrastinate, it is just a matter of persuading yourself that the tasks are not that urgent and they can wait to be does. Do not worry it is not like the business is going to collapse right?

Step 5 – Keep Telling Yourself You are Very Busy – Busy, Busy, Busy! Since you may be addicted to have overwhelming amount of work piling up every day, making it almost impossible to meet deadlines, adrenaline may be on a high but productivity will for sure be rather low. By keep saying “I am so busy I can’t deal with it all” you will really believe that you cannot leading do anxiety and chaos. I am sure you will really enjoy this one.

Step 6 – Do Not Take Any Breaks – Think that if you manage to work for 8, 10 or even 12 hours straight with no breaks this will help you get the job done. When the deadline is close, you might want to push yourself with no consideration for a break for food, fresh water or even walk outside to get some fresh air. Apparently having small breaks during the day can lead to an increase in creativity, attention to detail and in overall productivity. Your aim should be to feel weak and dehydrate, ideally this will help you feel ill and collapse. You can then tell your management team – “See I was right…I am working too hard!!!”

Step 7 – Say “YES” To Everyone and To Everything – Be available at all time to everyone’s requests. Get involved into as many additional projects as possible. Never ask the person requesting it “when do you need this by?” Apparently if you do so, you can engage into an agreement where you will be able to extend deadlines that meet realistic targets. Instead just overpromise and under deliver. Assume all tasks need to be done asap and leave it to the last minute before you communicate to the team that you will not be able to finish this on time, if you are lucky they might sack you for poor performance.

You may carry on doing the same mistakes all over again, some may be as mentioned in the article but just be aware that by doing things in the same way, you will always achieve the same results. But you can also start acting and developing Time Management skills as to achieve better results and to BeLimitless.