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How to Fail Life

The world is divided. I would say 90% of people are just passing by, where a merely 10% are considered to be highly successful driven and goal oriented individuals. People just seem to master failure a lot better than having to give their best in order to succeed.

Below I will give you 6 basic steps that will teach you the basic principles of what you have to do or do not do to fail life.


Step 1 – See Yourself as Failure – Even though failure it is only an event, …yes that is right, a person cannot be a failure, a person failed a task or an event of where he/she did not achieve the desired outcome. Even though this is the case you need to tell yourself that you are failure. The whole of you! You were just born to fail and you never….yes never….achieved anything. Use this self-talk until is completely embedded in your subconscious mind so you will even get it when you sleep.

Step 2 – Do not have any Goals/Objectives – If you do not try you cannot fail right? So make sure you just do not take any action in anything you desire. If you already have some goals, do not get them to be specific, the broader they are the more lost you will become. Also very important do not give any deadlines for achieving your goal, apparently when you goals are broken down in small steps with realistic timescales people actually achieve them, but you do not want that. If you already have a deadline, make it really distant from now, like in 20 years’ time. This will kill your motivation so you would not even try.

Step 3 – Go to SOMEDAY Isle & Stay There – This is the Isle of where 90% of people spend their time. Someday I will do that course…someday I will have that job…..someday I will have that relationship…someday I will lose weight….someday….not now! Make sure you take all your friends with you so you all can share each other’s desires and excuse stories on your favourite destination… the Great Someday Isle! If “Heineken” made an Isle would probably be Someday Isle right?

Step 4 – Blame Everything & Everyone – The best thing is that if you do not take responsibility for your actions of lack of them you will really believe it is not your fault. This works all the time. Just blame your family, your boss, your friends, the immigrants. Even better…blame the government. Apparently this is the latest excuse. Everyone is using it. Just tell yourself and others that the government is taking all your money, is allowing immigrants to take your job and allowing them to buy all the houses you were hoping to have. Life is terrible and you have not done anything….wrong!

Step 5 – Adopt a Pessimistic Approach – If you follow all the above this one will fall into place very easily. You just have to see everything as negative, even when you do not know the outcome, you have to believe that you will not get what you wished for. Always see the glass half empty. Apparently highly successful people are positive and optimistic that helps them attract even more positive events in their life. But what do they know? They do not have your problems right? They probably had an easy life all along, everyone gave them everything they wanted …..Those amateurs!!!

Step 6 – Create the Right Environment – After adopting all the above, this is the one that will help you remain in failure for longer periods of time. You need to make sure your friends and family follow the same 6 steps. They need to be sharing the same way of thinking and living as you are. Like this you will not only fail your life as you will help others doing it so. How amazing is that? You see your environment can impact your life that is why highly successful people choose to spend time with people with the same empowering believes as they do. Like that they will be able to challenge and push each other to achieve even greater things in life.

If you are already doing all the above, here at Belimitless we congratulate you…You are failing you…you are failing life.

Be the part of the 10%…breakthrough…Belimitless!!!