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How to Create a Culture of Disrespect in an Organisation

By Krystyna Litwa (Training & Develoment specialist @ Belimitless)

Have you ever wondered why respecting others is so important?

If the organization you work for lacks a culture of respect you might have witnessed bullying, vulgarity, petty arguments, conflicts amongst management and employees. This leading to higher levels of anxiety and stress, lower job satisfaction, forgetting that all this disrespectful attitude and negative emotions will be spread across management, employees, business partners and clients.

Below we provide you with 4 basic steps that will allow you to create a culture of disrespect in your organization. Do not worry these steps are very easy to implement but most importantly they will have a massive negative impact.


Step 1 – Do not care about others. By acting disrespectfully, you will be demonstrating to your subordinates that such behavior is accepted and tolerated. Since there is no clear definition for “respect”, there is no obligation to promote it right?
Lack of respect can lead to weaker ownership of work, lower interest in seeking growth and development or even opportunities to grow in a role or even within the organization. The beauty of this is that your business partners and customers will be at the end of all of this, probably leading to more customer complaints, loss in confidence and revenues. Once a customer feels insulted he/she will probably never come back and will make sure he/she tells others about what happen. This will be great if you are trying to decrease your number of clients and your turnover.

Step 2 – Do not consider respectful behavior as a part of a must have to someone’s role. Do not seek this in new talents and do not promote it. Do not include this in any area of your business. Do not waste your time with little soft skills that no one cares about. No one needs to have clear expectations and standards to work towards right? Set the example and do not address people by their names, make up some offensive nick names, something really damaging, it will be great fun. I guess you could use it as a tool to see who can cope with an “intense” working environment.

Step 3 – Be a great role model, so others will follow you! If you are a manager or a leader, whether you want or not, you are the one that sets the standards. That is the price you pay for having responsibility. If you model a disrespectful behavior towards people around you, including your team, they will watch you and copy you. If you were always the “wanna be” type, this is your chance to feel like the “Wolf of Wall Street”, yes that is right…you could do and treat people however you like. How amazing will that be? Now go get them!

Step 4 – Implement such behavior as an internal procedure. Like it is just part of your industry and it is just embedded in your organization, there is nothing you can do to change it. When serious conflict and official complaints arise make sure you always take the bullies side. He/she is the one you need more off in your organization right? Make sure the person feeling hurt understands you have no sympathy for his/her situation. You do not have time for people that cannot deal with a bit of bullying right? If you do this they will be more likely to leave or even take you to employee tribunal. Do not worry, there is no such thing as bad publicity, you might even get into a better position after a scandal right?

Once the awareness of the behavior is accepted and embedded in a workplace it will spread far and beyond. If you act in a manner whereby you do not respect yourself or others, do not take the opportunity to be proactive in promoting respect you will just be wasting a lot of energy and potential of your people, thus having a damaging effect on their wellbeing and productivity. This will be a great and easy way of making key people wanting to leave your organization.

If you are already doing all the above we congratulate you, you are a great example of what not to be like however we are not trying to burst your bubble, you are not the only one!

The good news is you can always change. – Make it right….make it a Belimitless Business!!!